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Call a full-service executive recruiter with a strong track record. The principals at MB Search, Inc. have more than 50 years of combined experience in the food industry. In addition to recruiting, our team members have held a variety of technical and executive positions in multinational companies, such as Kraft Foods. These positions include flavor chemist, sales executive, nutrition specialist, and quality analyst. With an extensive network and client base built over the past two decades, MB Search, Inc. connects some of the most sought-after, talented professionals and rising apprentices in the industry with innovative, thriving food, flavor, and beverage companies. Our clients range from consumer product goods companies to ingredient manufacturers, and we have helped these clients build industry-leading scientific, sales, and marketing teams.

Marilyn Bruce

Marilyn Bruce — Founder & President
Marilyn holds a BS in food and nutrition science and has over 25 years of experience in the executive search industry. She began her career as a nutrition researcher with the University of Chicago and then went to Food Materials Corp. as an apprentice flavor chemist. She left the bench and spent two years in flavor sales, where her clients were primarily food scientists within major food manufacturers in eleven states. This was the start of an extensive network of professional contacts. She began working for a recruiting firm in 1988 and founded her own company in 1994.

Marilyn is a member and former president of the National Association of Executive Recruiters (NAER), which is an organization that represents a membership dedicated to the highest ethical standards and practices in the recruiting industry. Marilyn's clients and candidates know her as ethical and professional. Her clients view her as a positive extension of their organization and know that she will source top candidates for even the most difficult searches. Contact Marilyn by email.

Bob Olson

Bob Olson - Associate
Bob holds a BS and MS degree in animal science from Southern Illinois University. He gained a total of 17 years of experience in the food industry prior to joining MB Search, Inc. in 1997. He began his career with Kraft Foods. While at Kraft, he spent six years conducting studies in nutrition research and another seven years supervising the proximate analysis group in the analytical department. From there, he went to Viobin Corporation, a division of Wyeth Labs. At Viobin Mr. Olson was manager of quality and technical services.

Bob is MB Search, Inc.'s web researcher, and he aids in surfacing the top talent in the food, flavor and beverage industries. Contact Bob by email.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to developing the best technical, sales, and marketing teams that fit our clients' culture and goals. We are committed to growing our candidates' careers in a way that encourages development and sustainability. We are dedicated to performing our services with a high level of professionalism, complete confidentiality, and a robust code of ethics.