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Add an experienced professional to your team. MB Search, Inc. specializes in executive recruitment for food, flavor, and beverage companies nationwide. We perform both retained and contingency searches for positions ranging from junior technical positions to senior VPs.

The Best Candidates

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the food industry and an extensive network of contacts, we are able to uncover and hire the best people from both public and hidden talent pools. In addition to surfacing the right candidate, we advocate, negotiate, and assist in a variety of ways throughout the hiring process. Our team helps with relocation, counteroffers, and other issues required to satisfy the needs of both companies and candidates.

Human Resources

Tailored for Your Needs

Every company is different and has unique recruitment requirements. We take the time to understand your needs and specifically target the appropriate technical arena. All the candidates we refer to you will have the background, education, and personal characteristics you want. We recruit a wide range of professionals, including:

• Flavor Chemists
• Food Scientists
• Analytical Chemist
• Research Chefs

• Nutrition Scientists
• Regulatory & Scientific Affairs
• Sensory/Consumer Insight
• Quality Assurance

• Industrial Sales Professionals
• B2B Marketing Specialists

Phases of the Search

Our search process is broken into three phases. We begin with a preliminary research phase, during which we interview our clients extensively in order to build a profile of the ideal candidate. We also conduct research on appropriate industry and academic markets and establish contact with trade sources for nomination of potential candidates.

Next comes the qualification search phase. After assembling a preliminary list, we begin contacting candidates to establish initial interest in the opportunity. This initial screening process confirms the candidates' credentials and establishes their potential for success in the position. It also gives us a chance to get a sense of each candidate's personal "chemistry."

The final phase of the search is the selection phase. We give our clients a list of "finalists" for the open position, provide candidate feedback, and assist with salary negotiations. If necessary, we even assist the client with the final candidate selection. During this time, we make sure interest levels remain high among all finalists.

Professional Business People

Retained Search

A retained search is the best option for employers who want exclusive access to the top candidates. We make your critical and urgent staffing needs our top priority. Details of our retained search service are as follows:

• Fee - 30% of First Year's Compensation
• Terms - Traditional and Modified Search Agreements
• Guarantee - One Year
• Candidate Exclusivity - Yes
• Reference Checks & Assessment Testing - Available (Additional Fees Apply)
• Delivery Timeline - As Agreed with the Client

Contingency Search

A contingency search is a great option for employers who want to test top talent with no risk. This service is available as resources and other priorities allow. Details of our contingency search service are as follows:

• Fee — 30% of First Year's Compensation
• Terms: Due Upon Hiring of Our Candidate
• Guarantee — 30 Days
• Candidate Exclusivity - No
• Reference Checks & Assessment Testing -                          Conditionally Available (Additional Fees Apply)
• Delivery Timeline — No Priority